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So, Why YakVernac?

Exchange Language

Chat to friends using our easy to use social chat feature. Create and send custom or fixed games via chat.

Game-based Learning

Engaging games that help learners to improve their language skills quickly and in a fun way!

Free Access

Our free version has no limitation regarding the vocabulary and our users have access to a one-stop shop for learning a new language.


Learning through our game-based activities is fun, engaged and makes learning another language a rewarding experience.

Easy to use

From automatic logins to easily accessible features. Navigate our app with ease.


Get the recognition you deserve. Each learning success you make is rewarded. Earn points. Spend them.


Keep connected with our social messenger feature. Chat, share and learn with your learning buddies. Find new friends.

Targeted Learning

We thought about you.
Whether your serious learner or casual achiever? Each game is designed to target specific learning styles empowering all users to thrive their language development.

YakVernac vs Competitors

We believe that in 2018, people should use innovative methods to learn languages. That’s why we created Yak Vernac.

More Languages

Learn Portuguese and English. Keep your eyes appealed as we introduce Spanish, French, German and other languages in the future.


Select, adapt and create words and topics which you can share. Perfect for all learners and teachers. Love the freedom of tailored learning and lessons.

Less Waiting, More Action

Lightning fast loading times making the experience engaging, responsive and easy to use.

More Secure

We 100% respect your privacy and will never share your information with a third party.

Draw This

Kinaestethic learning

This game is designed to develop your language through drawing. After drawing you can send the picture to a friend or tutor to guess your creation. This demonstrates higher level thinking skills and is a fun and social way to connect learners to the content.

“ Click. Draw. Send. This game is both simple to use and fun."

Nathan [Tester]

Listen, Write

Muscial learning

Practise your listening skills at the press of a button. Write down the word or phrase spoken and earn points for correct answers.

“ It was so easy to use what I never expected from a mobile app.”

Nathan [Tester]

Write This

Linguistic learning

Learn new words and phrase through written translation. It's simple and an effective way to learn.

“ Great game for learning new words and practice my written skills.”

Nathan [Tester]

Choose The Image

Visual learning

Click on the correct image that represents the given word or phrase. Visually learn new word through image assiociation.

“ Absolutely loved the pictures. Easy as 1, 2, 3 to use.”

Nathan [Tester]

Guess The Object

Linguistic learning

Use your written skills to guess the word or phrase represented by the image. Enjoy high quality and tailored images that make visual to text association easy and enjoyable.

“ ..wins over learning from flash cards 100 times over. Love it.”

Nathan [Tester]

Say The Image

Musical learning

Use your listening and speaking skills to guess the word or phrase represented by the image.

“ I was looking for an app to help my speaking. Found it. Absolute score.”

Nathan [Tester]

Different versions.
Pick a plan that suits you.

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$4.50 USD per month

All features of the Free Version
+ More in-app content
+ Unlimited translations
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+ V.I.P stamp

Some buyers ask this

Frequent Questions

The answer is a resounding, YES.

The ‘Free’ version of the app can be found in the ‘Pricing’ section on our website. This is near the bottom of our website and contains all the details you need to know about the different versions of the app.

Want more access? Then you can simply upgrade to the Pro version of the app giving you access to all the available features.

Still have more questions? Fill out a contact form (this is located next of your current location on our website). We value your inquiries and will respond as promptly as we can.

No. The ‘Pro’ version is not a one-time fee.

However, the ‘Pro’ version in the app presents you with 3 payments.

  1. Monthly subscription payment
  2. 6-monthly subscription payment
  3. Once a year subscription payment


After selecting the ‘Pro’ version of the app, you will be prompted to fill out the necessary details for the exchange for our service before receiving access to this version.

Nearing the end of the agreed time in which you have chosen, you will be required to make another payment manually to continue using the ‘Pro’ version of the app.

We respect your money by giving you 100% control over the payment process. This means automatic or recurring payments will be unavailable in this current period of time. Furthermore, you can cancel your payment during the subscription time period that you manually selected, by making contact with us through the ‘contact form’ (However, we suggest you use the full value of your subscription, as cancelling your ‘Pro’ version will immediately commence the ‘Free’ version option). You can read our User agreement policy to see if you are eligible for a refund.

Have more questions? Please, complete the contact form (to find this, look to the section of the website you are currently viewing).

Any and all inquiries are suggested to be made by completing a contact form.

This is the most effective form of communication. However, you are more than welcome to use other avenues listed below. You can contact us via:

  • Contact form (on our website)
  • info@yakvernac.com (Email)
  • @yakvernac (instagram/Facebook/Youtube)

If you have lost your password and need help retrieving access to your account, we suggest you contact us via completing a contact form.

When you request us to reset your password, we will send you an email with instructions on resetting your password. This is a confidential process, so only you know the password to your account.

Other avenues you can use to contact us will be listed below. You can contact us via:

  • Contact form (on our website)
  • info@yakvernac.com (Email)
  • @yakvernac (instagram/Facebook/Youtube)

If you need to deactivate (delete) or disable your account, please contact us via completing a contact form.

If you request for your account to be deactivated, then all your personal data will be permanently deleted. This is irreversible, meaning no data will be able to be recovered if you wish to return to the Service.

If you request for your account to be disabled, then all data concerning your account will be frozen and inactive. When you return to the Service, you may activate and resume your activity on this account.

Other avenues you can use to contact us will be listed below. You can contact us via:

  • Contact form (on our website)
  • info@yakvernac.com (Email)
  • @yakvernac (instagram/Facebook/Youtube)
Any other question not listed on the faq

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